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  • Dollar Store Aqua Product
    We sell unexpected items like fishing items, aqua products, pet supplies, reading glasses, and more.
  • Dollar Store Aroma & Fragrance
    Power Purchase allows you to obtain “Fragrance Oils” at a lower cost to you (Orders may be combined with aroma products )
  • Dollar Store Baby Items
    We carry a complete line of baby supplies for feeding, grooming, playing and dressing such as pacifiers, rattles, drinking cups, bibs, rompers and more.
  • Dollar Store Baby Items 2

    Plenty of children's toys and baby items may be the cornerstone of success in one store location, while pocket knives and fishing items might be better sellers in another.

  • Dollar Store Back to School

    Back to School is becoming one of the most important seasons in the Dollar Store/Discount Store business.

  • Dollar Store Balloons

    We want balloons to be a vital part of the success of your store. We are here to help you. The information which you are receiving is only the first step in helping you understand the balloon business.

  • Dollar Store Books
    Children's books are excellent items to stock in your dollar store. Parents will thank you for having an inexpensive treat they can buy for their kids that will keep them entertained and won't rot their teeth!

  • Dollar Store Surveillance Systems and Cameras
    This system permits the store owner to record every movement in the Dollar Store at all times and also have remote surveillance over the internet if necessary.

  • Dollar Store Candles
    You could fill your entire dollar store with candles and never exhaust all the possibilities. Candles are almost infinite in their variety.

  • Dollar Store Candles 2

    We're constantly hearing about the value of unwinding. Items that help us to relax, including bath items, candles, aromatherapy items, classical music, and massage equipment, are more popular than ever.

  • Dollar Store Candles and Gift

    Store candles make terrific gifts; they're also great items for the holidays. In fact, dollar store candles are essential items in many households.

  • Dollar Store Candy

    The amount of candy packed into each bag far surpasses competitors and clearly makes Shari the best value!

  • Dollar Store Candy Program

    Each of the 50+ SKUs on each product line has a different customized graphic. This sets Shari’s bags apart from ordinary looking, generic bagged candy.

  • Dollar Store Cell Accessories

    For the past few years, we have given our customers the opportunity to offer a comprehensive line of cell phone accessories at the lowest price points for Dollar Store Pricing !!


  • Dollar Store Children Books

    Children's books are excellent items to stock in your dollar store. Parents will thank you for having an inexpensive treat they can buy for their kids that will keep them entertained and won't rot their teeth! There is a wide variety of children's books for you to consider.


  • Dollar Store China Merchandise



  • Dollar Store Consumables

    They consist of Dollar Store HBA - Health and Beauty, Cleaning items and Chemicals, Food and Snacks, Paper Products + Disposable plates / cups / plasticware / napkins, and Dollar Store OTC (Over the Counter Pharmaceutical Items) just to name a few of the more than 3000 items available in this category !!

  • Dollar Store Consumables 2

    In the Dollar Store Consumables category, we wholesale grocery, healthcare, dry goods and beauty care products to dollar stores, drug stores, grocery stores, retail outlets and other wholesalers.

  • Dollar Store Cosmetics

    Our philosophy is to offer every woman the beauty of superior quality fashion cosmetics at extremely affordable prices. We offer an unrivaled selection of over 1000 exciting items!

  • Dollar Store Decorative Linen

    Display holly dish towels at Christmas, flower motifs in the spring and nautical designs and primary colors in summer. Remember that decorative accessories are usually things people don't know they want until they see them.

  • Dollar Store Decorative Linen 2

    Decorative home accessories comprise a major category of such discretionary purchases, so be sure you have an excellent supply in stock.

  • Dollar Store DVD's and CD's

    The catalog of Dollar Store films is one of the largest in the industry. Everything is here: classic horror films featuring the likes of Vincent Price and Bela Lugosi, contemporary films with such stars as David Strathairn, Dennis Hopper, Nicole Kidman, and Mickey Rourke, classic TV shows like The Andy Griffith Show, and so much more.

  • Dollar Store Fixtures

    Once our store design team receives your exact store dimensions, they will carefully layout your store with the appropriate store fixtures, taking into account maximum functionality and aesthetic appearance. BuckStore customers get the fixtures at cost price, directly from the manufacturer.

  • Dollar Store General Merchandise

    We simply sell the widest variety of high-quality goods you'll find anywhere in the world, all at low prices that will help your business turn consistently high profits. We work with clients at all stages of their store's development.

  • Dollar Store Gift Bags

    Gift bags are high-turnover items commonly available for sale through discount and wholesale retailers.

  • Dollar Store Gift Bags & School

    Many customers rely on dollar stores for the majority of their gift-giving needs. These needs include gift cards, gift bags, wrapping paper, tissue paper, ribbons and bows, as well as the dollar store gifts themselves.

  • Dollar Store Giftware

    When you are looking for wholesale gift items, such as photo frames, Gift Bags, check out Dollar Store Merchandise first. We aren't simply an inventory supplier; we are a valuable resource for all dollar store owners.

  • Dollar Store Glassware
    See a large variety of glass and decoration products for the dollar store industry. Items include drinking glasses, vases, mugs, and all type of glassware available at the lowest prices in the country.
  • Dollar Store Greeting Cards
    Greeting Card racks and spinner displays are provided with each opening order of a Dollar Store or Dollar Plus location. The largest selection available on more than 9000 titles and designs on all lines including personal, humorous, certificates, personal stationary, as seen in the major Greeting Card companies throughout the country but at less than half of the cost.
  • Dollar Store Hair Accessories
    Our Hair accessories include clips, brushes, and all the major lines needed for your dollar store section. In stock are more than 2500 styles in this dollar store category.
  • Dollar Store Jewelry & Hair Accessories 
    Our costume jewelry includes all modern fashions and a large variety of earrings, necklaces, bracelets, brooches, ankle bracelets, rings, and Hair ornaments. They are very well suited to cover all the needs of a Dollar Store Jewelry section.
  • Dollar Store Jewelry & Hair Accessories 2
    See our Jewelry section that has the largest dollar store selection in the country for Earring – Beaded, Earring – Hoops, Earring – Metallics, Earring - New Trends, Earring – Leaner, Earring - Wood Fashion, Earring – Shells, Earring - Chandelier Fashion, Earring – Metallics, Earring – Studs, Diamond Cut, Clip On, and the most popular dollar store item in the category which are Magnetic Earrings.  
  • Dollar Store Key Chains 2 
    Key Chains are sold on spinner displays and are becoming one of the most sold items in the dollar store business. They include personal name styles as well as more personalized categories such as age, humorous, and various styles.
  • Dollar Store Kitchenware
    Our Kitchenware wall program provide a “all in one” assortment and is ready to be setup in the dollar store slatwalls so its an easy program to get started with. Packaging is impeccable and resembles the same styles and qualities as seen in the major department stores in the country.
  • Dollar Store Knives
    The Knives category ranges from pocket knives to Kitchen knives and as you will see the quality is upscale and can be sold at your dollar store at a much lower price than the competition.
  • Dollar Store Licensed Products 
    The Licensed products category includes names such as Spiderman, Disney Princess, Tinkerbell, and the most popular dollar store licensed items at all times.
  • Dollar Store Novelties 
    See a large selection of dollar store novelties that include Key Chains, Stationery, Novelties, Miscellaneous, Jewelry, Seasonal, New Items, Hair Accessories, and Valentine season gifts.
  • Dollar Store Party Items 
    See a full range of dollar store party supplies, party favors, and accessories. With colorful and attractive packaging designs, our products will stand out on your racks and shelves. This section shows some of our numerous supplies available. We have many more variations and designs of wonderful party favors and supplies available! Contact us to inquire more about other products available.
  • Dollar Store Personalized Items  
    Please let us introduce you to one of the most experienced personalized products selections in the United States, we have been developing, manufacturing and distributing personalized & novelty products for many years now. A few categories include Personalized Programs, Personalized Pens, Personalized Memo Pads, Rhinestone "Bling" Stickers, Personalized Lanyard Key Chains, Personalized Beaded Key Chains and Personalized Souvenir Jumbo Pencils just to name a few. These items will stand out in your dollar store with a very attractive spinner rack for easy shopping.
  • Dollar Store Pet Items 
    In our dollar store pet category, we are committed to provide safe, innovative, quality pet products. All our items are inspired by pets, pet owners and veterinarians, and you will see there are over 300 products for the largest dollar store retailers in the US. All products are palletized, and shipped from a fully-automated 200,000 square foot facility. .
  • Dollar Store POS System 
    We have available for you a complete Inventory control system at the lowest prices in the industry. For new Dollar Store startups there are also available complete turnkey solutions that includes preloaded UPC codes in our POS systems (don't buy from resellers, we develop our own software!). We have the tools to Increase sales, better manage your inventory, track your sales and Much more... Affordable and easy to use. Spend less time on paperwork and more time managing your Dollar Store!
  • Dollar Store Promotional Materials 
    Promotional materials include inflatable advertising balloons and blimps. Our inflatable advertising balloons and blimps have been used by hundreds of companies worldwide to increase sales and visibility at outdoor/indoor promotions, trade shows, grand openings, exhibits, retail sales and special events.
  • Dollar Store School & Office Supply  
    We have a complete dollar store line of quality School and Office Products. All Stationery Products are packaged and distributed nationwide and overseas. Selling to retailers and distributors across the United States, Canada, Southern and Central America, our Stationery Products developed a reputation as a great line with quality products.
  • Dollar Store Seasonal Items 
    Customers are never disappointed by our huge selection of holiday merchandise. Why should this season be any different? Visit our huge selection of dollar store Christmas, Halloween and Easter products.
  • Dollar Store Seasonal Items 2 
    See our selection of Halloween & Thanksgiving, novelties, everything else your customers will need during the fall and winter dollar store sales season.
  • Dollar Store Shopping Bags & Supplies 
    Dollar Store plastic bags of all types and sizes are available, as well as thousands of other packaging and shipping products. We provide quality products, priced right. Large quantity or small quantity, whatever your needs may be, we have it. Also see our Dollar Store Supplies section.
  • Dollar Store Silk Flowers & Gift Bags 
    Our extensive silk flowers line includes Flowers, Floral Accessories, Floral Bush, Fall, Spring/Summer, Floral Display Racks, Floral Pots, Fall, Spring/Summer, Garlands, Long Stems, and Roses. Be sure to also check out our 1100 styles and designs for dollar store gift bags which include all designs for your dollar store.
  • Dollar Store Socks and Hosiery 
    See for yourself the largest Ladies Socks, Mens Socks, Childrens Socks, Multi Pack Athletic Socks, Undershirts, and underwear selection for the dollar store industry.
  • Dollar Store Stickers & Magnets 
    The dollar store line includes stickers, magnets, ready-to-frame art and more!
  • Dollar Store Stickers and Stationery
    Please view our full line of dollar store Stickers and stationery which provides all your wholesale needs.
  • Dollar Store Sun & Reading Glasses 
    We provide a dollar store wholesale line of eyewear, Sunglasses, reading glasses, and accessories. The collection is composed of 500 different styles. Each style has a number of variable colors and looks that differ from one to another. This is to assure you have the largest variety possible in your dollar store. Spinner racks are also available to provide great product placement.
  • Dollar Store Toys 
    We do carry a LARGE array of over $1.00 toys, specially designed for retailers. Dollar stores (99 cent stores) are one of our specialties, but our items sell well in all kinds of retail stores. With many years experience as a dollar store and retail supplier, we know what sells. We always provide value products at the lowest price-point possible and to provide retailers and wholesalers with consistent service and exceptional value.
  • Dollar Store Underwear & Socks 
    See for yourself the largest Ladies Socks, Mens Socks, Childrens Socks, Multi Pack Athletic Socks, Undershirts, and underwear selection for the dollar store industry.
  • Dollar Store Underwear & Socks 2 
    Categories include Bowling Socks, Childrens Socks, Diabetic Socks, Hiking/Treking Socks, Ladies Socks, and Mens Socks. All suitable for your dollar store or dollar plus store.
  • Party Store Supplies
    A complete wall package of party items.
  • To Open a Dollar Store
    Do you want to own your own dollar store and/or open a store on your own or with help from a company ? If your objective is to open a Dollar Store or Dollar Plus Store, you will notice there are many developers offering their dollar store services on the internet.


    Please see our deals. We have vast experience as a dollar store supplier, wholesale, and direct import of dollar store merchandise. We know what products sell, and have over 70,000 different items in several categories. Our specialty is dollar stores (99 cent stores), but our items sell well in all types of retail stores, see our amazing deals section and you will be AMAZED with our closeouts !


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